Dear Indian parents

In this changing time,  we are talking a lot about freedom, empowerment,  equity and all..  And I know nobody can stand being a puppet..  But what is more important is our toddlers…

Working in a school as a counselor I see all the students with single parents are struggling a lot in some way or the other..

Your  toddlers have no idea what are you fighting for and why..  They only see you(parents) fighting and not just fighting taking it to an extent that you start dividing your child into two part..  Not just fighting like couples but fight like two militaries on different borders.

I am no where saying don’t fight for your rights..  That is your choice anyway..

But before you start a journey of your rights..  Make sure you know who is going to love your child like parents..

Make sure you know where will your child go to share his/her feelings

Make sure you know your journey has a major impact on your child..  On that child who has come on earth to be nurtured.

Make sure you know your child get every help he need in terms of growing.

In your own journey of self,  don’t destroy a self even unconsciously.

Love can almost resolve everything,  trust it.

About beingaware

Counseling specialist focusing on bringing a new perspective to our understanding with sharing thoughts and reading from others.

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