The innocent child

I have been working as counselor from last 4 years and have had most amazing experiences with all age group students.

So one of my child so to say, I have been working with from last few months and complaints from teachers generally have been creating disturbance during execution of plans and hitting pushing classmates, he is in grade two.

I received a call from the class teacher and she goes, “please come fast he has done something wrong” and as usual I had to rush to see what happened. When I reached I saw two students standing outside the class,

I asked the other one very softly “what happened”

He replied “he pissed on me”

I looked at him and with the same tone, “you tell me what happened”

And to my surprise, this time the innocence was on the peak, more than usual..

He replied, “So he and I were in the washroom and we were both peeing and I wanted to talk to him so I turned towards him and it went on him”

I couldn’t stop smiling, but I had to control and move to my next question with the earlier one only

And I asked the first one, “is it so”

He said, “Yes”

And by the time I could move on to my next question, the first one realized that it was not intentional.

And by that time I was filled with feeling of love for both of them and for them it was the first experience where they could realize that we are not supposed to turn while peeing..

Innocence of our kidos really made me go back to whatever I read about childhood.

But at the same time it was important to me to give closure to this session with note of hygiene and self-care.

nio aburrido

About beingaware

Counseling specialist focusing on bringing a new perspective to our understanding with sharing thoughts and reading from others.

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