Feminism: misunderstood..


The most widely thought now a days is FEMINISM.

People talk about it a lot and more over claim to believe it and move towards it.

Why do we want to talk about it or take some actions about it so that we can have a good peaceful present and our future generation can have a better life situation to live ??? I GUESS

But there is one thing we all have been missing while talking about feminism or rather I would say we have somewhere misunderstood feminism in lot many ways.

We have misunderstood feminism when we say both male and female are equal,, instead they are not.. They both are unique in their own ways so next time when you talk about equality of both men and women through the lens of feminism make sure you are talking about equal opportunities for all to be able to grow.

We have misunderstood it when we say why women can’t be strong like men…Instead women are strong in their own ways and again different from what men are.. in terms of strength.

We have misunderstood the whole concept when we say why women have to be soft all the time… dear ladies who asked you to be soft… I think it’s the innate nature or rather I would say “Feminine” trait to be softer, but still you can choose not to be if that helps you feel better or to become a better person.

So one of my colleague said, “JUST BECAUSE I have breast, I have to do everything” and I said, “No dear BECAUSE you have breast you can nurture”

Nobody is forcing you to become soft, it’s your choice.

We are completely losing it when we focus more on making ourselves hard like other species on earth rather than focusing on what world need,,

If you think world need “HARSH” or human with same traits on earth than different individuals with their individuality.. than you continue with this journey.. where using abusive language is cool than being soft and is another parameter for promoting feminism.

But to be very honest to promote anything good,, like if you really believe that feminism can bring that change in world,,, trust me only your real self can help you to bring that change rather than being guided some outside school of thought..

And in all of that the objective of feminism is misplaced.. and what we aspire for our future generation is already lost.. instead we have made our toddlers and children live consistent struggle of identity, with consistently ignored and left out from the love and care they deserve. We are constantly creating fighters with lot of negative emotions rather than healthy individuals.

Where we are supposed to find ways to complement each other we have started finding ways of fighting/competing with each other.

Think through…puzzle-pieces-sunset-ss-1920-800x500

About beingaware

Counseling specialist focusing on bringing a new perspective to our understanding with sharing thoughts and reading from others.

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