This moment is perfect

This moment is perfect for whatever you wish to do in your life.

We have a consistent habit of doing everything “tomorrow”

Tomorrow which never come or might never come, because what all you have is today, “this moment” to do whatever you wish to.

Use this moment to tell yourself to START OFF.

START OFF with anything you need to do now, just like you respond to every notification on your phone.

Ask yourself the reason whenever you wish to do something tomorrow, you will have a list of reasons for that but you know what, none of them is valid.

None of them is valid because tomorrow you will have another list of reasons to stop you from doing you tasks, to achieve you dreams.

 Those reasons which always seems valid are actually testing your will power to achieve what you wish to, and if you listen to those reasons then you lose, you lose your will power to do something for yourself.

One thing you should always tell yourself is

“If someone wins over you/against you, than his/her will power to achieve this was much stronger than you”

In your success, no other factor work other than will power, other than realizing that “this moment” is the only time to start doing, whether it is studies, learning a skill, owning a new habit, doing any pending task, starting your business or anything.

This moment is perfect. This moment is everything.

In this moment, in present, you are alive, you are awake, and you can think, you can act, nobody has seen tomorrow ever. But present you are living into that so use it before it use you.

Tomorrow will be present in some moment and in that moment you should be using it, but today this particular minute of some particular is you present. Live it. Live it for everything you could ever think of.

Put your dreams into action from this time only. Use every minute of your life.


About beingaware

Counseling specialist focusing on bringing a new perspective to our understanding with sharing thoughts and reading from others.

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