Two brothers: A childhood tale

If you think you know everything about childhood, or if you think you toddler is way more clever than you could ever think off than this is the story which will help you know that they are innocent, we just need to find where their innocence lies.

Till now this has been one of my favorite story about how beautiful childhood is and how innocent our toddlers are. I have read this story in the laughing tree of speaking tree and I don’t remember the name of author. I also don’t remember exact story but I will try my best to share it with authenticity.

And the story goes,

“In a village in India, there were many families living and in one of the family there were two children and both of them are boys. These boys are naughty (I personally don’t use this term), so they were quite experimental and they use to do very different kind of experiments which generally caused a problem to most of people as their experiments were quite notorious and risky. Younger one was more famous for such things.

Everyday their parents use to get complaints from other families of the village and parents were also very disturbed with complaints. If there is any mishap in village, they were first to be blamed.

Poor parents didn’t know how to help themselves in this situation, then somebody suggested them that there is baba (a term used for spiritual healers in India) in the end of the village who can help them identify what is wrong with their children.

Couple went to see the baba and shared everything with him. He asked them to bring younger one on the next day. So next day parents took the younger one to baba. And as per instructions they left him with baba for some time.

Very politely the man asked the child, “where is god?”

Child stayed quiet for a minute.

He again asked in loud tone, “where is god?”

He was again quiet and a bit scared this time..

He shouted very loudly and asked, “WHERE IS GOD”

This time the child ran from there and went straight to his elder brother and said,



Why I loved this story because the ending was totally different and actually bring a new flavor to our understanding of childhood.

what comes as a learning from this story is, sometime all you need is a different perspective, or a new lens to look at things differently.

Even as a parent, never ever assume that you know everything about your child, they are new every moment and you need a new strategy to deal with them every time.

you can continue this story on your own by putting your thoughts to it, like how the elder one must have responded and how parents could further have dealt with it.

Be creative. Be alive. Be open.


About beingaware

Counseling specialist focusing on bringing a new perspective to our understanding with sharing thoughts and reading from others.

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