parenting: the good parent

The most difficult thing now a day is to parent a child, giving birth seems to be easier than being a parent.

Parenting is more of an art rather than a skill and you know why because even after some common don’ts, what to be done may vary from child to child. Like for no two sibling parents can use same strategies because every individual is different. But few things every parent should keep in mind are following

Give time: No matter how much money you have and how many facilities you provide to your child, your child need your time more than anything else. And it’s not just about any kind of time, quality time matters more to children, it can be anything like talking about something, narrating stories, having no gadget time etc. Everyday decide to give sometime to your child.

Listen: listen, listen and listen, listen everything what your child has to share, when they feel listened they get more close to who so ever listen so if you ever wondered why your child is so close to any particular person this can be one of the reason. Listen and don’t cut off in between and don’t advice in between, if you are concerned talk. Advising in one directional, talking is two way communication.

Be a role model: whenever you expect some kind of behavior from your child make sure your child know how to do it. The only way to tell your child how to behave is to do it. Model expected your behavior to you child, whether it’s being calm, respecting others etc.

Let them be: Being a parent it’s easy to get into the trap of what your child should be doing and how he/she should be doing in comparison to other kids around, but before you expect certain things from your child, let them be as they are, let them grow the way they want to. Any kid around you has nothing to do with how your child be. Don’t turn every minute into a competition.

Avoid being a cribber: Never ever get into cribbing with your child, be it eating, clothing, studies, friendships, relationships, rather than being a cribber get into discussions, discussions of what your child think is right, why does he or she think so, what do you think and why do you think so and with discussion come to a common consent.

Appreciate: More than anything you child needs appreciation for whatever efforts they do, irrespective of their age. Try to appreciate each and every thing you child do. Appreciate because it is a positive way of expressing your feelings, appreciate because it makes them feel better.

This is not the end but the beginning of how you can start with good parenting. I believe every parent wish best for their child but fail to identify how. Use these tips to improve your art of parenting.

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