Priorities: how to set priorities in work

We feel over burden most of the time,  one factor can be we are actually overburdened and other factor can be we are not able spread our work properly.

If you don’t spread the work right,  work will spread itself

The only way  to do your work properly in time is to spread it wisely.  Don’t over expect and also don’t drag any task more than usual time.

One of the most important factor to set our priorities is to understand and divide things under two dimensions of

Urgent and important

In these two dimensions you will find your works in four areas like

Urgent + important

Urgent + non-important

Important + non urgent

Neither urgent + non important

See all your works in these dimensions and you will find how easy it is to do your work on time.

Other important factor which might help you to set your priorities is

To write

Write your works of the day before night or in the morning to have a idea of how your day will look like,  whether you have space for more work or not,  or whether you have spread your work properly or not.

Third most important factor to set priorities is to be


For any situation with understanding of urgent, important and writing your work expectations you also need to be spontaneous with your decision.  Because you may not always get favourable situations so all you need to be is spontaneous with what can be done best in this situation.

Last but not least

Never,  ever become restless.. 

No matter what situation you are into,  no matter how difficult it is to set priorities,  stay calm and mindful because that’s when being spontaneous help else you will end up taking restless short term decisions with short term outcomes.



About beingaware

Counseling specialist focusing on bringing a new perspective to our understanding with sharing thoughts and reading from others.

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