This can be the reason, If your child is not able to speak properly at age of 3-4.

In today’s time,  many parents face this difficulty that their child doesn’t speak at all or express in one word or two,  speech seems to be an area of difficulty..

There can be varied reason for the same.

1. Your child might have developmental delays: one of the most factor that your child is facing difficulty in speaking is,  that your child is have developmental delay in speech. For speech related delay one of the best thing that work is speech therapy.  Speech delays can also come with combinations of other developmental delays.

2. Biological effect: your child may also have a biological reason for not being able to speak properly,  so you better get your diagnosed medically.

3. Need impairment: if the above two factors are not the then may be your child has not been able to establish the need to speak up or may be you have not been able to develop the need in your child to speak.

In first two cases you can definitely take external professional help for your child to be able to speak well.  But if third is the case than there are few strategies you can use with your child.

Check your pattern with child,  by this I mean if you over pamper your child before your child speak anything you make it available to them even as simple as water,  you should stop doing it immediately and wait for the child to express his need.

For example if your child points out something and bring that thing to him/her then your child will never feel the need to speak.  So if your child point out to something make sure you let him speak what he wants even if your child use the wrong word,  you can correct him/her later for sure.

Don’t read your child’s emotions,  if you keep reading your child’s emotions without letting him/her express then there are chances your child will not feel like talking.

Provide choices,  always give choices to your toddlers to make them take decisions and while they take their decisions you can help them to play with words by asking them to express their choices to you.

It is easy to pamper and provide everything to your child but it need a lot of patience and efforts for a child to be a good decision maker and expressive person.

With these simple strategies your child will not just learn to speak but to express himself/herself.

Love your child but don’t spoil the individual in your child.




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