This is why we need to revise our developmental theories

The theories we all have read till about developmental milestones have always helped us to understand and we can always go back to understand any stage of life.

All the theories based on different aspects gives us a holistic view about life and it’s developmental stages.

Psychological theories are not personal or not subjective,  but are based on objective processes to know what happens to the body,  psyche and brain of  particular age.  From years these theories have been enlightening our path in different domains like education,  medical, mental health,  curriculum,  Psychological assessments and so on.  We kind of rely on these theories for everything in life.

Now, if you see around I see these theories giving me a sense of what a particular age individual might be doing on different levels like cognitive,  socio-emotional,  physical and sexual but more than that it also give me a idea of these theories being backward in the way our generations have grown.

With the exposure in every area,  brains and bodies are developing a bit faster,  we can also call it modernity effect but I see students going much faster.

I would like to state few examples which tell us why do we need to revise our theories according to present era.

First is,  puberty has shifted to 8-10 years of age which was earliest 11-13(according to theories)  also.  Girls are menstruating early.

Second is abstract thinking and other milestones related to cognitive and social are also growing faster.

Third is lot of infancy(0-2) related developments are also taking places before time in this era because not just adolescence and children are getting exposure but adults and mothers are also living in the same society.  Stages like object permanence,  separation anxiety and other concepts are just popping up before time.

One of the major reason for this kind change in adolescence and childhood specifically can be more connection  with virtual world rather than real world which help the child to get more exposed to adult in social media rather than friends of same age in neighbourhood.

But ultimately everybody is ending up doing the same thing.

Here what we need to focus is on what do we do now about the theories or reality, because these need to come in sync for those who refer to these theories for understanding.  Awareness of change is more important.

Let’s give it a thought, please share if you have similar ideas or experiences.

About beingaware

Counseling specialist focusing on bringing a new perspective to our understanding with sharing thoughts and reading from others.

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