Equality is a myth till.. 

In present time our society and government is working on establishing equal rights for everybody but in reality equality can’t exist in our system for certain reasons.

Any society having a “give-take” system will never be able to establish equality literally,  it surely can exist in ideas and documents but practically or I would say the vibe around will always communicate differences. When I talk about give and take system here I am talking about one being  superior and one being inferior automatically..  And most of our businesses or jobs consist this system only because there is no other option or may be we have not been able to develop one, or may be we can say that we are so scared to actually bring equality in our actions.

Other important aspect in this area is our family system or our overall system which is patriarchy,  here I am not giving this a feminist perspective because I don’t want to talk about victimhood but dear men is it really equal that your wife can go her parents house because she has one more place to go, whenever she feels low or if she is on vacation or something.

Beside that,  this system of marriage and family will always be corrupt till the time we don’t stop calling girls as “paraya Dhan”  and actually making them one.  Its more of objectification to be called as a property of somebody.  Moreover till the time we have this system of girl moving to another family we can never actually bring equality even now with modernity and education this “in-law”  system is worse, because everything is a little more sophisticated,  even the tortures from M-I-L or from D-I-L.  Till the time “The couple doesn’t move out to build a family together where both the parent have equal participation,  right and responsibilities, and also both the partners have equal responsibility,  participation and tights,  we will never be even close to equality”.

All family do desire for a boy because ultimately they want someone to take care of them,  so patriarchy automatically gives a privilege to parents of boys, equality is corrupt here also,  equality is who so ever parents need support in late years of life should he living with the young couple but patriarchy doesn’t promote that,  hence the roots are biased.  What will you teach people not to desire support or what..  What should be our area of sensitisation then.

Even law passed by government doesn’t talk about equality it only says if couple through parents out of house they should be punished or will pay fine or something here also it’s about boys parents,  whereas law should be both side parents should have equal rights.

So every sweet things happening around marriages only strengthen the roots of our biased system because we are not able to identify and work on the root cause.

Families in India still consider girl child as second priority.

Gender differences will be there no matter how much education we try to give because ultimately we are nourishing the wrong even with the right intention because roots are not rightly placed.

So empowered or not,  educated or not,  equal rights or not,

Equality will be a myth till the time there is a giver and other is taker.

Think through.

About beingaware

Counseling specialist focusing on bringing a new perspective to our understanding with sharing thoughts and reading from others.

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