Women: inside all human bodies

I have been living with these thought from last few years or maybe I was clear about the idea that change we all aspire for in our society can’t come overnight, so what can bring the change; fighting for rights? But what about rights or may be standing up for what is wrong? But where this wrong came from? May be fighting about bringing equality? But what kind of equality?

But I think change is somewhere far beyond all these surface things or we can say small fights?

So where the change is?

It is in the women, it is in the mother, mother who can teach humanity to the child, so what is great in this, all mothers do so, all biological mothers.

But for me, motherhood can’t be selective, a real mother or a person with motherly feelings can’t only love and teach humanity to her child only or to one child only. She can be LOVE herself in all the times and can pour love on every child she come across in the universe, because change is in that chain of love which all of us can start with and with all of those who are receiving love and respect from mother (any mother on the earth). Bring love to all the action we do. Please understand I am not saying that we can’t feel angry and irritated we can but immense love will help us to understand the use of language, to be able to communicate emotions, to forgive people with all the love we have and will surround us.

Forgiveness, just as our mothers forgive us. This change will come in century or half may be but till that time staying calm will help more,

Staying calm when any vehicle touch your car in the traffic, staying calm when someone just cross your way in rush, staying calm in all those situation where you can or you should be, pour your love wherever possible.

And dear mothers let every child know that you are truly a mother not his/her mother but just a mother, let every child feel that love is more powerful than any other thing in the world, let them know that you will forgive and love them in all the situations. I understand your possession but LOVE…. Can’t be selective.

About beingaware

Counseling specialist focusing on bringing a new perspective to our understanding with sharing thoughts and reading from others.

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