Why you should never have option in career

It’s my personal opinion and I will tell you why this opinion but before that I will share what about options in career….

To all the adolescence and people entering into adulthood we commonly go through this conversation in our family, or with relatives or in school with teachers and friends that what all are the options available in this stream or in this particular field,  that question comes in form of enquiry till the time it is an area of enquiry it is great you can search and collect knowledge about as many fields available to you but the moment this question becomes an insecurity,  it starts feeding your mind with endless thought processes.

But if at all any successful person have got these thought cyclone of getting into it not gaining anything or may be not able to perform or career options are really less or being a cricketer or actor/actress is not easy you become distant from the star you could have been…  You become distant from the inspiration your life could have given to all the people around you…  You become distant from your own self and start sacrificing onto your dreams..

And ultimately you end up becoming someone else..  Something what your father might have wanted you to be or may be your mother or may your own insecurities..

Having varied options in career is like never having your passion or may be having it in Little bites…

So the moment life give you a passion keep it close to you be it anything,  be it your own firm,  be it any art form,  be it any bizarre thing which might only make sense to you, be it education,  be it working in any new venture you want to explore,,

Because you can become one who might open gates for so many other people who let their insecurities overpower…

But you are great

You can make it

Because you believe that my passion is my life..

And yes

Never ever keep options for being secure..  You are secure in your own skin in your own world with your own passion…

Your career should be


Because it’s better to do that dying everyday doing what you never wanted to do..

Share your views..

About beingaware

Counseling specialist focusing on bringing a new perspective to our understanding with sharing thoughts and reading from others.

10 Responses

  1. Agree that you should find a passion as a child and develop it fully; don’t let anyone, particularly your parents, tell you to become something you’re not really interested in.
    “Options” are usually a code word for training for a career that reliably makes money rather than making you happy. Wrong.
    You should specialize in doing something that is really satisfying, even if it doesn’t make that much money, because making money doesn’t make you happy when you hate your job.

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  2. Growing up, I thought options were good. I still think, in a way, that they are, but they have this ability to confuse people. If I did not have options, I would put more effort into one thing instead of spreading it onto a few others. It would be easier to make life decisions, too.

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  3. 10x365

    I’m always inspires by passionate people who know their purpose or direction and make it happen. I’ve read and followed many people to try to do d my path.
    Unfortunately for me I have never found a single, driving passion and the search for it has contributed to dark times.
    There are some of us who don’t have a single drive, and I have recently been introduced to Emilie Wapnick’s ‘multipotentalite’ theory that I’ve found very practical and a great comfort in showing me how to live a passionate life with more than 1 focus.

    Thanks for your encouragement to stay on our path/s

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  4. Lee

    I enjoyed your article, and would like to add few thoughts.The way you use the word “options” seems a bit negative. When others show/tell you possible paths you could pursue, they are just suggestions. Many of us “older” adults have gained some wisdom and desire to share it. Not to tell you “what to do”, but give you ideas you may not have thought about or thought through. When you sharpen a pencil or an axe, you scrape away unneeded material. In the end, you have a sharper useful point. You should learn how to apply what is useful and discard the unused “options.” But, someones “option” might just be the right idea to fill in the last piece of the puzzle of your life.
    By the way, thanks for following my blog.

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  5. I had several “options” when I was chosing my career path. My father wanted me to be an accountant, my high school Math teacher wanted me to go for engineering, my grandmother wanted me to be a doctor. I wanted to take up foreign service or journalism. I could choose anyone of the “options” available to me because I graduated Valedictorian in high school but instead followed my father’s wishes because he needed an accountant in the family. I was successful as an accountant. Happy? Yes but bored. Four years after college, I went abroad and when I retired I took up writing so in the end I become what I wanted to be. The journey was interesting. Thanks for following me.

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