ME time

In the recent classes I had with my school kids, i decided to limit this to one task only and that was the “ME time”.

I instructed students that they can do anything in this time but their activity should not have any interaction with anybody present in this room.

In Grade 3, student took 5-10 minutes to comprehend and apply to this instruction and for another 30 minutes they could identify to do something where they don’t have to interact with anybody and to my surprise almost 90% student could do this.

In Grade 9, the instructions were same, but only 10-20% students were able to do that and people in psychology field know the reason.

The developmental aspect of this exercise is quite visible in the incidents itself that the more our children move towards adolescence they find it difficult to exist without each other, they can’t even imagine being alone for a minute. And for them to learn to enjoy their own company was a bigger task, they are not even suppose to, but learning to do that will help them become a emotionally healthy and independent adults.

Help students to learn to enjoy their own company even for 10-15 minutes in a day, it will definitely lessen their insecurities and will help them to be independent learner.




  1. What an extraordinary idea. I was surprised that kids in 3rd grade could do it. We are always encouraged to build teamwork, to talk to others, etc. This can be good, but I notice that many adults are uncomfortable with silence. Uncomfortable with themselves.
    I pride myself on being able to entertain myself.

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