Rationalization (part 2)

As I earlier shared about Rationalization being a higher order defense, in this draft i will try to share how people use it in their everyday life, my words may not do justice to this the way Deanena Tierney, a famous poet has described it.

“n…And everyone has some answer…some rationalization to all that I feel. I wonder if Sylvia”

Well…here’s a little hint world. I have absolutely no idea what I am doing. Sometimes I run….sometimes I cling….sometimes I want space…sometimes I get hurt when I get it….But “sometimes” has become my “always” and that really gets to me. Sometimes I think I may just lose my mind and sit in a corner and just ball my eyes out until someone picks me up…which may not ever happen…And everyone has some answer…some rationalization to all that I feel. I wonder if Sylvia had to listen to all the hypocritical bullshit, too. It’s no wonder. They all say “it will get
easier.” Well
you know what.
..it never seems to get easier for me….only more difficult and
more confusing
and more
demanding. When your idea of a dream is to just disappear thats when you are close to what they call rock bottom…but what if you fall in a bottomless pit?
Answer that…yeah one of you hypocrites answer that. “Tomorrow will look different.”
Say that to a blind man. “You have to let go the hate.”
Come again?
You who choose to follow only the Commandments which are convenient to you. Preach to me then take me to bed
..and then convince yourself spanking is ” a beautiful union.” Spare me any lectures please…everyone who thinks they have just the right
words to say…because you don’t and truth is all of you only say them to benefit yourself anyhow. I am tired of all the little games, and of all the little people

Author: Deanena tierney

The Way Dieanena has share about this is beyond imagination, but isn’t it what we do everyday in our every action, to rationalize…

to give a reason to whatever we do, to follow commands irrespective of our wishes…

This is close to my heart as I did my dissertation on this and i will keep sharing about that..

Thankyou for Reading


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