Mistakes or failures

In our life we all make mistakes and definitely regret making those mistakes but one thing that we all know down the line that it was not our best…

I have learned this beautiful thing from one of the dance instructor, every time after her students danced on the routine she taught them,  she will ask “was this your 100% and believe me nobody could say YES, because we keep saving our energy, for what we don’t know.

Anybody who has given his/her 100%, mentally, emotionally and physically will definitely achieve what they wish to, but if you have not given your 100% than that is a “mistake” you should avoid doing…

Always and always give your 100%..

But at the same time we all face failures in life,, irrespective of how many times we have our 100%, now how to deal with that..

Because Failure are depressing, not because they are failures but the way we deal with it..

Failure is just a situation like other situations.

With Failures, with all the times we gave our 100 % there in one thing we need to know and i.e. this strategy also don’t work in this situation and each and every failure is a step to your dreams to your goals because every failure with shape you to become what you couldn’t without any failure.

I wish you all get through all the failures positively and definitely get best out of your efforts..

There is one more thing I truly believe about failures and i.e. if you lose against somebody that it’s not just the strategy that didn’t work it’s also about the WILL POWER and believe me the winner must have had a stronger will power than yours.

About beingaware

Counseling specialist focusing on bringing a new perspective to our understanding with sharing thoughts and reading from others.

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