Neurotic conflict

Everyday is another challenge and we all have different lens to view and deal with that challenges. In all those challenges we deal with everyday there is some or other kind of fear to loose a part of ourselves or losing something or someone in order to grow out of that challenge, the biggest challenge is to lose a part of our own self which might look like a growth in sometime but now its the most uncomfortable thing to happen.

Here I am talking about that minimal level of neurotic conflict which is faced by any functioning individual and which almost scares us like death where we find it difficult to choose what to do and what not to..

what we want and what we don’t want..

It gives anyone that immense level of anxiety where we are unable to decide or to take responsible decisions..

where our ideals doesn’t match our thoughts and our thoughts doesn’t match our actions..

where what we want all the storm to go away with taking anything away..

that neurotic conflict which all of us live deep inside, which tear us apart every time which we find difficult to share with anybody not we are scared of sharing but more than that we don’t even have words to share those conflict, it is not even comprehensible for any of to put it into words..

we just live with them and with time we grow out of them..

These are the conflicts we live with from our childhood, these are the conflicts which have been modelled by our parents as adults and we as children have absorbed them now we as adults are representing it to our coming generations..

It’s OK to have conflicts but it’s not OK for your child to learn the same methods of dealing with those conflicts.

and when you are able to share them without having a tear in your eye that when you know you have healed.

And when you have healed make sure a better way to your child to deal with those conflicts.. Make you let your child know that their own thoughts are important than what should be ideally

Don’t let them sail in the same ship.

Conflicts are not a problem the way we learn to deal with them is..

About beingaware

Counseling specialist focusing on bringing a new perspective to our understanding with sharing thoughts and reading from others.

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