Mental health day PANKH

The moment we realize that we don’t always need to be critical of everything

Sometimes we just need live a little bit more

Sometime we need to enjoy every moment

Sometime we just breath and let ourselves be..

And it’s not sometime but all the time we need to nurture positivity and heal ourselves.

We had it all..

This mental health day that’s what we focused on to..

And what we need to do a little bit more this year is to assure ourselves by saying





This mental health day pledged to ask again..

This mental health day pledged to talk to someone when not feeling right..

Extend your support whenever you see someone struggling

Be there to listen

Be there to care for..

Be there to tell then that you are there for them..

Tell them it’s ok to be not okay.

Spread positivity

Spread love

Spread care

Spread happiness

About beingaware

Counseling specialist focusing on bringing a new perspective to our understanding with sharing thoughts and reading from others.

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  1. Thank you. Absolutely! If negative thoughts are a habit, though, it might take a while to be free from the self criticism they engender. I use a method derived from Buddhist practice as relayed by Dale Borglum: take the negative thoughts and the self criticism to a wide open space in your head – I like to imagine a great plain surrounded by majestic mountains – then just release the thoughts & imagine them just flying up into the air. Come back to yourself and breathe out while saying “aaaaaah.” I hope this helps.

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