That perfect moment

No one said ever “you get the kids you deserve”

Just to make you realize

About that moment which just made you free of lot of baggage you have been carrying with you for so long.. And then you suddenly released it like it was never there

And trust me people around you just hated this like hell..

To every parent or to every grand parent think about that one moment when you chose to become a revolt..

When you chose to listen to your heart

When you knew you parents will never like it but you had to do it.. Because you only knew how much this meant to you..

At that moment you would have been the worst child for your parents because they were scared, because they couldn’t trust you, because they thought the only right way was what they think is right..

And right now

You are a parent

And your child exactly know what they want, what is right and all they look like is a revolt in front of you

Stop being that parent

The one you never wanted when you were adult or even you be that or not

Your child is going to feel free after being a revolt to you

After following what they think is right..

Generation is not the difference of age only it is the difference of thought and logic in different age span.

We find it difficult to accept and respect what we had wanted when we younger.

Obviously the verses are different what we wanted is different from what coming generation is going to ask..

But it is right as per their time as per their age.


About beingaware

Counseling specialist focusing on bringing a new perspective to our understanding with sharing thoughts and reading from others.

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