State of emergency

Now a days India is burning with lot more what anyone could ever think of..

There are n number of policies, amendments, acts and bills Indian government is passing which definitely has its pros and cons.

Indian is very rapidly moving towards the most terrified, terrifying and terrible country at the same time. Without any specific division it is already divided into two separate spirits one who only knows violence and only use violence to achieve whatever they want and there are people who think non violence is answer to everything.

People do exercise their human rights but then there are restrictions and opposition to that also.

Almost every sane man and every organization who respect human rights, who understand secularism is opposing the acts done by this government. All these people believe that all the agendas taken by this government serves purpose of one religion not one Nation..

But the most saddening part there are people who don’t see where we are moving because they have put their brains aside and believe everything what government say. And there are people who critically evaluated all the decision identify pros and cons and then bring their point forward and then comes the third category who just with the spirit of having fun comes out of their home and enjoy whatever is happening.

Meanwhile all this is happening, I see parents who are terrified and don’t know whether their child will come back home safe or not, there are adults who are being restrained from coming out of their home to work whether they want to participate in this or not.

Internet and phone connections are not working in most of the part in India and this has happened 91 times in this year only.

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Counseling specialist focusing on bringing a new perspective to our understanding with sharing thoughts and reading from others.

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