New India

Torn between two realities

I have two type of people whom I share my life with,,, no no may be three type of people

One who hold a strong point of view about what is right and what is wrong, who are educated ( when I say educated I didn’t mean to say literate, I mean to say who have taken education to another level) and other group of people who are literate but have nothing to do with education.

People who are educated holds opinions, thoughts and doesn’t actually follow a person, politician, guru, religion etc. And get affected by actions which are inhumane or not good for society. You will see these species in schools, roads, colleges, universities talking about equality, human rights, human first, and standing up for human rights

And people who are literate holds very strong opinions about religion first and then everything else. They blindly follow someone or something. These people are seen in their offices with their business generally not minding their own business.

And the third kind is unaffected, they whether have an opinion or not doesn’t care about anything or doesn’t participate even by thinking about anything.

When I was being trained to become educationist or psychologist I was told to respect, love and care for humankind. As I live in this country fighting for religion I see myself finding it difficult to tell people how important it is to be human, to be alive, to respect, to care for..

fYI the first kind are my colleagues, people I got education from, people I got educated with, people I admire and the second one are my relatives who are making our life difficult to live as we are not like them..

But none of us know that when the India is about to lose its unity, when there will be fire everywhere it will not matter whether you support someone or not because it’s not written on your face, just like your religion is not written over your face or body..

There will be blood everywhere and you will be worried about your family members who are out, hindu muslim sikh, doesn’t matter..

Because people who love being violent are using this situation and will not care about anything but their own kind of pleasure.

Before anything like this happen..

Wake up.

Stop this.

Ask for love

Ask for peace

Do not ask for war.

About beingaware

Counseling specialist focusing on bringing a new perspective to our understanding with sharing thoughts and reading from others.

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