Magical health – “Whoever has gratitude will be given more and he/she will have in abundance. Whoever doesn’t have gratitude, even what he/she has will be taken”

This is the most powerful line written in the book in every chapter in context of every thing the book is talking about like in this chapter, book is talking about health.

This book is slowly teaching me that we can never be done with gratitude and thanking our body, our health is one of greatest feeling now. I could never thought that we have so many things to be grateful for in my body itself. Thanks to all the senses, all the body parts which helps us move and do our work, to the heart and other systems which function to keep us healthy and alive. More than that I am also thankful for my breath and I don’t have to do it, other wise I would have forgotten to breath many times.

If at all any of you struggling with any health issues, complaining is not a solution but being grateful is definitely one.

The Task is to write this sentence on a piece of paper “THE GIFT OF HEALTH IS KEEPING ME ALIVE” and place that paper where you see it often through out the day. On at least 4 occasion read the words very slowly and feel for the gift of health you have.

Also repeat the “COUNT MY BLESSINGS” in the morning and “MAGIC ROCK” Before you go to bed.

Stay tuned for the next task. Be grateful

I don’t own the copy rights of book. “THE MAGIC by Rhonda Byrne”

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