As I move ahead with the book, there is one thing which book is very consistent about is Gratitude. To start you day 6, start with the morning activity Count you blessing.

Till now we have talked about things we are blessed with from counting your blessing, what is best things in every day, to our health, to the money we have been recieving and now with all the blessings there are things we do everyday.

So the next thing book wants us to pay attention is at our work, things that make our work easier, people who are involved in our, without the things/people our work would have not been possible. It can be the guard, the receptionist, the IT person, or your team or anyone else/anything.

THE TASK is to imagine you have invisible manager at work today, following you and taking note everytime you find something to be grateful for. Look for as many things as you can be grateful for, have you manager take note each time you find something to be grateful for, by saying “I AM SO GRATEFUL FOR ______________, again feel as grateful as you can.

Finish your day by holding Magic Rock in one hand and say that magic words, thankyou for the best thing happen during the day.

Stay tuned for the next task.

I am so grateful for the book (THE MAGIC by Rhonda Byrne)

I don’t own the copy right of the books.

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