Start you day count your blessing, write 10 ten things you are grateful about with the reason, read them and say magic words “thankyou thankyou thankyou”.

Today day is a challenge for me, as after living so many years of life if you have to back and find those moments with those people who impacted your life is like a rollercoaster. But yes to stick to what book demands I had to do this.

The book ask us to think about people who impacted our life in someway or the other. Choose three such people and think about them and how they impacted your life in a silent place, talk out loud to each person as they are present there and tell them how they impacted you. (For more details one must go through the book) you can also write in the form of a letter. Feel as grateful as you can and also make sure you do all three together without any time gap.

Before you sleep take Magic rock in your hand and think about the best thing that happened today and say “Thankyou”

Stay tuned. Be grateful

I don’t own the copyright of the book. Thank you

About beingaware

Counseling specialist focusing on bringing a new perspective to our understanding with sharing thoughts and reading from others.

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