Start you day with count your blessings, write 10 things you are are grateful for with reason. Re read them and say magic words “Thank you Thank you Thankyou”

We all wait for the day when all our wishes come true and we get what we want but usually we don’t know how to get them. But the book has a magical way to tell you how to get that.

So if you want to buy anything and you are struggling to collect the money, the universe is here to help you all you need to do is to collect all the positive energy and attract that to your goal.

For this day the book want us to imagine the thing we want to buy and fill the amount of that in the magic check given in the book along with your name and today’s date. Hold the magic check in your hand and imagine buying that particular thing, feel happy and grateful that you have received.

Take the magic check with you today or put it somewhere you see very often, or at least for two times today. Imagine yourself using that money.

After today keep your magic check on a prominent place where you see it daily.

Before you sleep take magic rock in your hand and feel grateful for the best thing that happened today and say magic words “thankyou”

Stay tuned. Be grateful. Refer to the book for details.

I don’t own the copy rights of the book.

About beingaware

Counseling specialist focusing on bringing a new perspective to our understanding with sharing thoughts and reading from others.

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