Men in India

Most of you will relate to this and most of you wouldn’t but that’s okay. Not everyone has the same story or experience and not every post can capture 100% of it.

But in India men are generally happy being outside as much as possible and when they are back to home, they are actually not back to the family they are back to their own space where they want to rest, eat food, watching TV or use phone, but rarely are in habit of having a conversation with family members and even if they have they are very surfaced or detached.

To the extent they generally don’t ask a woman how was her day, because they assume that the one is at home is generally having a great day.

I see these men as paying guests, definitely we can be grateful for them to be a breadwinner but rarely they wish to be a participative family members, they prefer to stay away from family struggles especially if that has nothing to do with finance.

Dear men, we definitely miss you when you no longer care about your and family members physical and mental health and we wish you to be with us whenever possible, when you can take out sometime and just talk about everything. We are grateful for your efforts for the family but we also want you to be with the family. We hope you understand the difference of “for” And “with”. LOVE. you matter to us.

Grateful 😇

About beingaware

Counseling specialist focusing on bringing a new perspective to our understanding with sharing thoughts and reading from others.

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