To which universe do I belong to..

though the need of belonging has been established by many of the psychologists and we all know that need to belonging helps us grow as individual.

After 30 years of being on earth it creates lot of confusion from where do I belong to or where I want to belong to.

Do I want to belong to anywhere or Do I not want to belong.

Do I want to belong to female community, do I want to belong to counselor or psychologist community, do I want to belong to this side or that side

always sacrificing or thinking about my self

being empathetic or not being empathetic

listening others or not listening

being social or not being social

Good or evil

Normal or abnormal

This question keep running to my mind and at times you want the answers and at times you want to enjoy the chaos of not belonging anywhere and belonging everywhere.

In someone’s universe you are all beautiful and good

And others you are not..

By the end you just need to belong to your own universe.. Rest of the chaos will settle itself..

About beingaware

Counseling specialist focusing on bringing a new perspective to our understanding with sharing thoughts and reading from others.

2 Responses

  1. Good post and thoughts. As an old fart, I would advise to find your own set of friends that make you better, not worse. There are plenty who want to bring you down, so avoid them as much as you can or at least lessen contact, if you can’t because you are related. As we age, we tend to recognize that if we suffer fools or become an audience for those who need one, we are just adding their angst to ours. So, find that universe with people who have your back. Your final line speaks volumes toward that end. Keith

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